Course Leader: SooMin Leong

Drypoint & Carborundum

Drypoint is a linear intaglio technique that makes use of surface, depth and texture. Line is drawn onto a flat plate (either metal, perspex or board) using any sharp implement. This is then printed using the same technique as etching. Carborundum is a way of building tone, depth and texture. Carborundum grits of different textures are mixed with an adhesive and painted onto a plate. The plate is then inked and wiped using the same technique as etching, or it can be printed in relief.

Scratching directly into the plate and using textures from carborundum paste and sandpaper YOU will create a range of marks (both bold and delicate marks) . Explore this fun and quick mark making process and expand your visual language.

Skill level

This course is suitable for beginners or those with some experience who want a refresher in drypoint and carborundum techniques. Participants do not need any
experience of printmaking.

Description of requirements

All materials will be provided. Some oil-based inks and solvents may be used in this workshop. Low-toxic alternatives will be provided.

What you will achieve by the end

Upon completion of this course you will have produced plates with a range of gestural, textural and tonal mark making techniques.

You will have enough practice in all of the techniques to be able to continue to experiment further on your own in Open Access. Some of the techniques are similar to etching and you may wish to further your studies on our Etching courses.

3 evenings starting July


31st July   7 pm – 10 pm
7th August   7 pm – 10 pm
14th August   7 pm – 10 pm

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