Etched Lino: Expanded Practice

      A course for people who have some experience of lino printing. If you are already a fan of the linocut then this course will give you the opportunity to add an exciting new dimension to your practice.

      Over 5 evenings, you will create an A4 print by combining 2 lino blocks, one with cut marks and one with etched marks. This will involve learning how to etch lino with a caustic soda based solution. It will also demonstrate how to register the 2 blocks so they print over each other. When considering what to create during the course, think of an image which can naturally divide into 2 parts/elements (one to be cut, one to be etched). See Steve’s website ( for examples of etched and cut lino.

      Evening 1
      Steve will explain how he uses etched and cut marks in his work and show demo prints and blocks. He will look at people’s images and help to separate them into 2 elements. The lino blocks will be distributed and participants will start the cutting and stop-out application.

      Evening 2
      The cutting and stop-out application will continue. Steve will demonstrate mixing the caustic etch solution, along with the safe use of this chemical. He will discuss ways of applying this to the lino blocks.

      Evening 3
      Etched plates will be cleaned off and dried, then proofed and edited if necessary.

      Evening 4
      Steve will demonstarte the registration technique. He will also show how to ink the blocks to create effects such as blending colours and using extender to make transparent colours. Printing will begin.

      Evening 5
      Printing will continue.