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  • I am capable of coating, exposing, cleaning my screens and operating a vacuum table.
  • I am capable of safely handling intaglio equipment.
  • I am capable of operating an Albion relief press.
East London Printmakers

Inga Eicaite

Inga Eicaite is a contemporary printmaker dividing her practice between London and Vilnius.  Holding memberships with East London Printmakers (ELP) & Printmakers Council (PMC). Deeply influenced by movements of Bauhaus and Constructivism, Inga Eicaite explores the dynamic intersection of science and lore in her work. Delves into the intricate relationship between these seemingly disparate realms, seeking to unearth the hidden connections. Through a process of deconstruction and reassembly, Inga dissects heavenly bodies and their linear structures, reimagining them within new systems. This transformative approach allows her to challenge traditional notions of form and function, encouraging viewers to contemplate alternative perspectives and question the boundaries of perceived reality through architectural forms. By integrating scientific principles and mythical elements, she investigates the interplay between the tangible and the abstract. Inga primarily works in a monochromatic palette, utilising black and white. This deliberate choice allows her to emphasise the contrast between light and shadow, form and void, and the presence and absence of elements. Usage of washi and hanji papers help bring that subtlety in the prints. She is delving deeper into the study of negative space, drawing inspiration from the minimalistic aesthetics and profound artistic philosophies found in minimal art. By exploring the significance of what is not explicitly depicted, she seeks to evoke a sense of introspection and contemplation within the viewer, prompting them to engage with the silence and emptiness that exists alongside the visible world.

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