Artist talk : Kristina Chan


/dɪˈreɪl/ : An Artist Talk

5 December, 2017, 7pm

Derailed is an artist talk by current project key holder Kristina Chan. It features large-scale panelled prints derived from a discovered train wreck.  These works are part of a developing series exploring the ideas of shelter and the repercussions when these preconceptions fail us.

Kristina’s work is a culmination and accumulation into site specific history to depict socio-cultural entropic narratives.  They explore the correlation between architecture and sculptural landscapes of derelict and disused spaces.  I seek sites where the intersection between function and intention have fallen into decline and disrepair, where untold histories recount themselves, in all their brevity, satire, beauty, and collapse.

Please join us at East London Printmakers on 5th December at 7pm, where Kristina will speak about her artistic and material practice, as well as the inspirations and exploration behind these works.