Course Leader: Susan Vera Clarke

Chine Collè

Join us for this one-day or two-evening immersive workshop that dives into the fascinating world of Chine Collé! A unique process which blends delicate, lightweight papers with heavier support surfaces to create strikingly detailed and layered works of art. This technique allows the artist to experiment with unique textural and colour effects.

Our workshop is designed for those who already have experience with Intaglio techniques and who wish to broaden their skill set within Etching. The emphasis throughout the workshop will be on experiential learning, with plenty of hands-on practice.

What You Will Learn:

  • History and principles of Chine Collé.
  • Materials and tools selection: understanding the various types of papers, adhesives, and printing inks.
  • Preparation of the Chine Collé, including application of paste and various positioning techniques.
  • Techniques for achieving strong bonds, avoiding common pitfalls such as wrinkling and tearing.
  • Proper drying and preservation methods for Chine Collé prints.


Workshop Highlights:

  • A comprehensive guide to continue your practice at home.
  • Hands-on practice
  • A comfortable, inspiring, and fully equipped printmaking studio setting.



All necessary materials for creating your Chine Collè will be provided, including various types of paper, adhesives, inks, and brushes. However, participants are welcome to bring any special or personalised materials they wish to work with.

Participants will be asked to bring with them a pre-etched plate to work with, no larger than A5 in size. The process can be fiddly, therefore learning on a smaller scale allows you to properly hone your skills before moving onto larger works.


26th June   7 pm – 10 pm
3rd July   7 pm – 10 pm

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