Jobs at East London Printmakers


Printmaking Maintenance Technician


East London Printmakers is an artist-printmaker cooperative located in London Fields. There are excellent facilities for etching, water-based screenprint, relief, risograph and fabric printing. There is a small shop facility that sells basic printmaking supplies and paper to all users of the studio.

There are 46 keyholders who have access to the studio; there are between two to four workshops a week; and it runs four open access sessions weekly. Estimated numbers of users per week is 70-100. The studio is run by a committee and paid contractors. There are three contracted roles: studio co-ordinator, technician and marketing co-ordinator.

Application Deadline

: 4th July

Interview Dates

 : 11th or 12th July

Job Start Date

 : 14th July (negotiable)


Please send your C.V and Covering letter to our Studio Coordinator at [email protected]



£13-15 per hour depending on experience. The post holders are responsible for their own tax and NI contributions.



Part-time, split between two technicians.

The two part-time contracts are for a total of approx. 17hrs per week. The intention is to ensure cover during Open Access hours plus some additional time for tasks best carried out outside Open Access hours. The technicians will split cover for Open Access hours, which are as follows.

Open access hours

Thursday 10am–1.30pm, 2.30–6pm, 7–10pm

Saturday 10am–2pm

Exactly how the hours are split will be up for negotiation between the two technicians and East London Printmakers. For example, one technician could cover Thursdays 10-6.30, with the other covering Thursday evening 6.30-10 and Saturday 10-2. Provided sufficient cover is provided, the technicians would be free in general to devise their own rota. All open access sessions are run by a keyholders. The designated keyholder for the session will work alongside the technician during the session and help with general light tasks essential to the maintenance of the studio such as cleaning and tidying.


Studio location

Currently Warburton Road, E8 (Space Studios’ Triangle building).



To support the studio by maintaining, repairing and replacing equipment and supplies as necessary, across all aspects of the printmaking studio, in particular the etching, relief and screen-printing areas.

To provide detailed inductions to new Open Access users, covering health and safety and proper use of equipment.

To provide light technical support (if required) for Open Access users in their chosen technique (all Open Access users are expected to be proficient in the relevant technique).

To work alongside keyholders to run the Open Access sessions.

To liaise with suppliers and repairers and manage consumables and studio materials.

To oversee the shop.

To post reports to ELP’s Committee via the Chair.



NB This list may change and evolve over time in step with the needs of the studio.


Open Access

  • Provide light technical support to Open Access users and monitor safe use of equipment.
  • Help new keyholders to become familiar with the studio and Open Access duties (general light tasks essential to the maintenance of the studio such as cleaning and tidying).
  • Ensure that all activity is conducted in accordance with ELP’s health and safety policy and generally accepted best practice.
  • Give inductions to new studio users, covering:
  • Overview of East London Printmakers
  • Benefits of Membership
  • Studio etiquette
  • Shop materials
  • Safe working practices and correct usage of relevant equipment


Studio Health and Safety

  • Maintain a thorough working knowledge of all health and safety issues affecting the studio.
  • Update COSHH and MSDS.
  • Maintain personal protective equipment and first aid supplies.
  • Ensure safe storage of all acids and chemicals.
  • Ensure proper display of health and safety notices.
  • Arrange PAT testing


Studio Consumables and Materials

  • Manage stock levels; carry out a monthly stock take.
  • Order and receive goods, collate associated paperwork.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of new products and secure good prices with suppliers.
  • Calculate and set shop prices using Excel spreadsheets.
  • Update all associated shop documentation.
  • Ensuring availability of studio basics at all times including sundries such as bin bags, hand towels, rags, soap


Handling Chemicals

  • Monitor and mix mordants for zinc and copper etching.
  • Monitor and mix screen emulsion.
  • Monitor and decant; decoater, degreaser, ammonia, whiting, white spirit, meths and green wash.
  • Monitor and maintain aquatint box



Perform routine maintenance;

  • Oil etching and relief presses.
  • Clean/oil moving parts on vacuum tables.
  • Clean and unpick holes on vacuum tables.
  • Change exposure unit bulbs.
  • De-haze, repair, or arrange for re-stretching of screens where necessary.
  • Straighten squeegees, replace blade where necessary.
  • Liaise with engineers/repairers when equipment fails or arrange routine inspections.
  • Liaise with SPACE maintenance technicians to arrange building repairs, minor electrical work and lighting.
  • Maintain the electric guillotine and arrange sharpening if necessary


New equipment

  • Source new equipment as and when required, carry out detailed research to present to the committee.
  • Co-ordinate purchase, including paperwork, delivery and integration into the studio.


General Duties

  • Identify any required maintenance/repairs and resolve as required, either directly or through subcontractors.
  • Liaise with the studio co-ordinator to ensure smooth running of the studio.
  • Attend committee meetings as required and recommend improvements.
  • Manage print racks/unclaimed prints/drying boards.
  • Maintain a high level of tidiness around the studio (including alleyway and drains).
  • Undertake DIY tasks as required, including (but not limited to) the construction of shelves, tool storage and bench building.


One-off projects

To participate in one-off projects as necessary.

New projects will be added as necessary.


Personal Specification

The technicians should both have up-to-date working knowledge of screenprinting, relief and etching techniques and the associated specialist equipment and materials.

They should be able to explain processes and procedures clearly and helpfully to experienced and less experienced users of the studio and work effectively with external organizations.

They must be able to work on their own initiative within the limits set by the job description and be confident in making recommendations to the Committee.

They must have strong numerical skills and be able to calculate solutions, quantities, areas and percentages with ease.

They must be able to work in a team alongside the other technician, the studio co-ordinator, marketing co-ordinator and committee.

Good interpersonal and communication skills are essential.

They should sustain good relationships with ELP’s keyholders and be confident enough to speak directly to them regarding the proper maintenance of the studio and its equipment.

They should foster and develop good connections with suppliers and other contractors.

Please send your C.V and Covering letter to our Studio Coordinator at [email protected]