Waterless Lithography

      Learn waterless lithography with Matt Wilson of Edinburgh Printmakers!

      Waterless lithography is a fun and direct printing process, allowing a similar range of drawing techniques and mark making as stone lithography, with quicker results, less faffing around with sponges and zero heavy lifting!

      Using Nik Semenoff’s patented process, artists can learn a fine art process, using everyday and unconventional preparation and drawing materials to go from a blank plate to a high quality print in as little as 30 minutes!

      Matt’s course will teach you the fundamentals of the process, showing you how to prepare plates, create hand drawn images, produce cracking prints, and help you expand on your future artistic practice with the use of waterless lithography.

      Matt Wilson graduated with a degree in Fine Art, from the University of Dundee, where he specialised in printmaking. He was selected for the 2014 RSA New Contemporaries Exhibition, where he was awarded the Walter Scott Global Investment Award and the Art in Healthcare Purchase Prize, and he is a recipient of the Dewer Award. In recent years he has been working at Edinburgh Printmakers Studio, teaching workshops in Waterless Lithography. He has also exhibited in a number of galleries across the UK and North America. He is currently based in London, studying for his MA in Fine Art Print at the Royal College of Art.