Screenprint on Fabric: Beginners

  • 3 days 10:00am 4:30pm
  • 5 evenings 7:00pm 10:00pm

Course Leader - Susan Clarke

  • Daytime £231 (Concessions £219)
  • Evening £200 (Concessions £190)

Workshops Description

During this course you will experiment with creating, preparing and screenprinting on fabric, hand cut paper stencils, hand drawn images on true grain and digitally printed positives.

You will be taught how to prepare, coat, expose and wash out silk screens. As well as also have the opportunity to mix your own inks and learn about the variety of different binders that offer different types of effects. i.e. Transparent colours, opaque colours and puff colours.

On the first day/evening you will be supplied with a meter of plain white cotton fabric to work upon, however, for the remaining days we ask that you bring along your own fabrics to screenprint with. You will be given advice on the first day of the course about which fabrics you should bring with you. This can be anything from a simple piece of fabric, t-shirts, cushion covers, aprons or even baby grows.

All other materials such as inks, binders, emulsion, pens, pencils, rulers etc. are supplied throughout the course.

Description of requirements

This course is designed for complete beginners or those with some experience who wish to refresh their memory of the process.

What will I achieve at the end

At the end of this course you will be able to work safely and independently during our open access hours at East London Printmakers.

Please be aware, this course does not include any photoshop tuition and does not teach you how to create repeat patterns for print.

Recent Review

Attended in February 2017
‘This was an excellent introduction to Screen printing, which I has never done before. All instructions were clear and there was plenty of support and guidance when it was needed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to others. Teacher is very friendly and sympathetic! Thank you ELP.”

3 days starting in October
£231 (£219 concessions)
0 space remaining
Led by: Susan Clarke
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14th October, 2020 10am 4:30pm
21st October, 2020 10am 4:30pm
28th October, 2020 10am 4:30pm
5 evenings starting in November
£200 (£190 concessions)
0 space remaining
Led by: Susan Clarke
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18th November, 2020 7pm 10pm
25th November, 2020 7pm 10pm
2nd December, 2020 7pm 10pm
9th December, 2020 7pm 10pm
16th December, 2020 7pm 10pm
3 days starting in December
£231 (£219 concessions)
5 spaces remaining
Led by: Susan Clarke
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2nd December, 2020 10am 4:30pm
9th December, 2020 10am 4:30pm
16th December, 2020 10am 4:30pm