Multi-block Lino

      Workshop Description

      Multi-block lino printing is a very different beast from reduction lino. You will create a print with multiple A4 size lino blocks inked up separately in different colours. You will carve each block according to what you want at each stage. Each block is then printed in turn and, depending on the transparency of the inks, where the two colours overlap a third colour will appear. From 2 blocks you will get 3 colours, and from 3 blocks you will potentially get 7 colours.

      Skill level

      This course is suitable for beginners or those with some experience of linocut work.


      All materials will be provided. If you wish to bring your own lino-cutting tools, please do. Some oil-based inks and solvents will be used in this workshop.

      What you will achieve by the end

      Upon completion of this course you will have made at least one multi-block lino print. You will have a better understanding of the method and how to plan for a multi-layered print. You will be shown how to apply the optimum amount of ink onto the blocks in order to get a good print. You will learn about how to utilise transparent colours and colour blends. You will also learn how to register each layer accurately.