Motoharu Asaka Woodblock Print Workshop

      Workshop Description

      During this one day workshop you will carve and print your own small woodblock print using traditional water-based Japanese woodblock printing techniques.

      Learn from a master ukiyoe carver who has studied in a tradition stretching back 400 years.

      Motoharu Asaka is one of a handful of people left who are traditionally trained in this craft. This is a rare opportunity to learn master skills and try woodblock printmaking for yourself.

      Asaka apprenticed for 17 years, but you can pick up the basics in this intensive workshop!

      Japanese woodblock printmaking (mokuhanga) is water based and completely non-toxic. It requires only basic tools that can be assembled at home without a workshop. Begin your woodblock journey with this primer!

      Tutor Bio

      Motoharu Asaka was born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1951, but moved to the western suburbs of Tokyo as a young boy. He learned the basics of woodblock printmaking in elementary and middle school.

      Finally, while in high school he studied under the ukiyoe publisher Tadao Takamisawa.
      This connection led him to one of the foremost carver’s workshops in Japan, in Kyoto under Kojiro Kikuta. He spent 17 years training as an apprentice there until his level of carving skill reached the highest level—around 0.3mm lines that are needed for carving the hairline in a traditional ukiyoe portrait print.

      After 17 years in Kyoto, Asaka returned to Tokyo. He has been commissioned for work spanning many genres of visual art. Beginning with painstaking hand carved and printed reproductions of ukiyoe, he has also collaboratied with contemporary artists such as Masami Teraoka, Moira Hahn, Takeshi Kitano and others.