Japanese Woodblock

      Japanese Woodblock is a beautiful non-toxic printmaking technique with a long history of tradition. Learn how to design multi-block prints in 2 or more colours, carve it in soft shina plywood, and print by hand onto traditional Japanese paper with traditional brushes, water based paints and glue. You will be guided by Wuon-Gean Ho, who studied in Japanese woodblock in Kyoto and who has been teaching and demonstrating the art of woodblock for over 15 years.

      By the end of the course students will be able:
      To design, carve and print a one coloured postcard sized print using traditional tools and techniques
      To demonstrate a knowledge of the tools and their uses
      To know how to layout a good printing workspace
      To use the kento system of registration to design, carve and print a multiblock 2-4 colour print.
      To assess their own skills and know how to improve their printing technique so that they can progress on their own in the future.
      To be able to work independently at ELP during open access hours.