Japanese Vinyl: Experimental Relief

  • 3 days 10:00am 4:30pm

Course Leader - Wuon-Gean Ho

  • Daytime £231 (Concessions £196)

Workshop Description

From the dramatic bold lines of political woodcut prints, to the multicoloured joyous lines in Picasso’s still life prints, relief prints allow for an instant freedom of expression. Learn how to make relief prints in black and white, and learn how to print them in different ways to get exciting effects. The following evenings try out reduction printing and multi block printing for making colour images. We will also print the blocks as intaglio plates. Come prepared to be inspired by a wide range of print art, to experiment and have fun!

Description of requirements

This course is design for beginners and anyone with an interest in creative arts.

What you will achieve by the end

By the end of the course students will be able:
To use linocut and woodcut tools in a traditional, contemporary and creative manner
To know how to make a wide variety of marks in Japanese vinyl
To print with relief printing processes, intaglio printing processes, and reduction printing processes.
To be able to recognise the different types of prints in this field
To be able to print independently during ELPs open access hours.

Recent Review

Attended in March 2017
‘Excellent! Lots of experiments and lots of end results. I enjoyed being able to produce lots of prints in a short space of time. I leant lots of techniques across the weeks”

3 days starting in July
£231 (£196 concessions)
7 spaces remaining
Led by: Wuon-Gean Ho
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31st July, 2019 10am 4:30pm
7th August, 2019 10am 4:30pm
14th August, 2019 10am 4:30pm