• 1 day 10:00am 4:30pm

Course Leader - Lucy Smith

  • Daytime £77 (Concessions £65)

Workshop Description

Cyanotype is one of the earliest forms of photographic process, distinctive for its Prussian blue monochrome prints. It dates back to the mid-1800s and was later used as a simple and low-cost way for engineers to create copies of their drawing plans, hence the origin of the term ‘blueprint’.

The process involves contact printing with light-sensitive paper, either using photographic negatives, or making photograms of objects and other materials. The process is easy to learn, ideal for experimentation, and can be done at home using daylight.

During this introductory one-day workshop, you will:

· Get an overview of the cyanotype process.
· Learn how to prepare your own light-sensitive cyanotype paper.
· Explore a number of alternative sources of ‘negative’ to print with.
· Practise exposing and developing the paper to produce prints.

Requirements of workshop

· A sense of playful experimentation.
· A pair of washing up gloves (optional).
· Materials that you would like to make prints of, up to approximately A4 in size. For example, leaves with interesting shapes, semi-transparent materials, ideas for drawings or paper cut-outs to do on the day, or printouts of photographic images on thin printer paper (inverted to make a negative if you want). There will be an opportunity to gather and prepare materials on the day, but please note there will not be time to learn how to use Photoshop or print out digital negatives.

What will you achieve by the end

· A couple of completed cyanotype prints.
· Cyanotype paper that you prepared yourself for further experimentation at home, in a light-proof bag.

Recent Review

Attended in July 2016

“Thoroughly enjoyable. Very hands on and lots of time to experiment and try a number of ideas. Tutor was well prepared, friendly and very helpful with any questions I had”

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