Collagraph and Carborundum

  • 3 days 10:00am 4:30pm
  • 5 evenings 7:00pm 10:00pm

Course Leaders - Dolores de Sade, Amanda Taylor

  • Daytime £210 (Concessions £165)
  • Evening £175 (Concessions £140)

Collagraphs are made by collaging and cutting different textures on a thin board base. Almost any material with texture can be collaged, including embossed wallpaper, paint, fabric and leaves. The resulting impression is that of embossing as well as printing.

The plates for both collagraph are inked and printed using the same technique as etching. They can also be printed as a blind emboss or as a relief print. The techniques taught in this class are quick and effective, using materials that have a low environmental impact and are readily available and affordable. This class will teach how to prepare and make collagraphs, how to ink and print tonally and in colour, as well as how to register multiplate prints.

Skill level

This course is suitable for beginners or those with some experience who want a refresher in intaglio printmaking techniques. Participants do not need any experience of printmaking.

Description of requirements

All materials will be provided. Some oil-based inks and solvents may be used in this workshop. Low-toxic alternatives will be provided.

What you will achieve by the end

Upon completion of this course you will have produced at least 3 collagraph plates with a range of gestural, textural and tonal mark making and techniques. You will have printed these plates in monotone and colour, and learnt how to register multiple plates on one image. You will have enough practice in all of the techniques to be able to continue to experiment further on your own in Open Access. Some of the techniques are similar to etching and you may wish to further your studies on our Introduction to Etching course.

3 days starting in May
£210 (£165 concessions)
7 spaces remaining
date from to
11th May, 2016 10am 4:30pm
18th May, 2016 10am 4:30pm
25th May, 2016 10am 4:30pm
5 evenings starting in August
£175 (£140 concessions)
8 spaces remaining
date from to
31st August, 2016 7pm 10pm
7th September, 2016 7pm 10pm
14th September, 2016 7pm 10pm
21st September, 2016 7pm 10pm
28th September, 2016 7pm 10pm