Chine Collé

      This one day course will offer the intaglio printer a variety of ways to add colour and texture to their prints using chine colle – a method of collaging delicate papers onto the printed surface.

      One purpose of this technique is to allow the printmaker to print on a much more delicate surface, such as Japanese paper or linen, which pulls finer details off the plate. Another purpose is to provide a background colour behind the image that is different from the surrounding backing sheet. Some papers also allow for the incorporation of digital printed imagery and this course will also cover using newsprint and laser printed images.

      The final image will depend on the design and ink color of the printed image, the color and opacity of the paper to which the image is directly printed (plus any inclusions such as petals or fibers in that paper), and the color of the backing sheet.

      The participants will be able to experiment with a range of papers and designs. They can either work with an existing intaglio plate, or will be given the opportunity to make one at the beginning of the day.

      Participants are expected to have some knowledge of intaglio printing techniques, although the basics will be briefly covered for those with rusty knowledge!

      Participants will have enough practice of the technique to be able to continue to experiment further on their own in Open Access