Advanced Monotype with Drypoint

  • 2 evenings 7:00pm 10:00pm

Course Leader - Fiona Fouhy

  • Evening £80 (Concessions £68)

Advanced Monotype with Drypoint

Following on from the Beginners workshop in monoprinting, you will learn more complex techniques to add to your repertoire. You will apply and practice techniques of adding depth of tone into your monotype prints, as well as working on a larger scale.
In addition to Monoprinting, this workshop will include elements of Drypoint techniques in which a plate surface is directly scratched with a sharp tool to produce an incised (intaglio) line. The plate can then be printed using the same technique as etching. Due to the burr that is raised in the scratching of the surface, the printed line has a softer quality than an etched image. We will explore the possibilities of combining drypoint and monoprint, since both techniques offer similar ways of working intuitively, directly and with speed.

Skill Level

This workshop is designed for those who already have some experience of monoprinting or have completed our Monoprint/Monotype: Beginners workshop. Especially suitable for those who enjoy drawing.

2 evenings starting in May
£80 (£68 concessions)
5 spaces remaining
Led by: Fiona Fouhy
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6th May, 2020 7pm 10pm
13th May, 2020 7pm 10pm