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Artist Talk Series – Nica Harrison

Join us in the studio on Monday the 27th February for one of our Artist Talk Series with current ELP Artist in Residence, Nica Harrison.

Nica Harrison will be talking about the work she has made during her two-month residency in East London Printmakers. During that time she’s worked on a series of screen prints as well some some animation loops. She will be discussing the process of combining animation and screen print and how she developed her technique in the past two years. Nica will also be showing some of her past work and talking about festivals and exhibition that she has participated in. 

Dominica is an award-winning artist with the focus on animation and printmaking. She received a traditional art education in Moscow with focus on drawing and oil painting and was involved in a several art exhibitions in Moscow and Kaluga.
She moved to UK in 2013 to continue her art education in London and Edinburgh. After receiving her BA degree in Animation in Edinburgh College of Arts, she worked as an animator for feature oil-painted animated film ‘Loving Vincent’. In UK she was a part of several exhibitions, and several of her films were shown at animation festivals in around the world.



Artist Talk : Lisa Lee & Jonathan Locke Hart

Lisa Lee poster

Monday 30th January
@ ELP Studio (E3 4RR)


Lisa Lee is the current Project Keyholder at East London Printmakers and will be giving a talk and exhibition of work that she has made during her stay in the studio and how her work relates to Jonathan Locke Harts Poems.

Lisa Chang Lee

Lisa Chang Lee (also known as Chang Li) obtained her BA from China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing and MA degree from the Royal College of Art, both majoring printmaking. Her work, often conceptually inspired by printmaking, encompasses mix-media, moving image and video installation. She has internationally exhibited her work in the UK, Sweden, Austria and Mainland China, including her solo exhibition Print of Light in Cunshang Gallery, Beijing 2010; selected group exhibitions including The Masters in Bankside Gallery, London 2016; VOID in Gingko Space, Beijing, 2015. Lisa also curated several exhibitions such as “Sweden- China contemporary art” in Sweden, November 2014 and “Repeat / Spiral” International art exhibition at Impact 9 Printmaking Conference Hangzhou & Hangzhou International Printmaking Biennale, September 2015. “Far Few in Between” at the No Format Gallery in London in 2016 and Co-curated Yeats 150 anniversaries “Lonely Impulse of light” in China at the Irish Embassy 2016.
She lives and works in London and Beijing.

Jonathan Locke Hart

Jonathan Locke Hart, Chair Professor in Foreign Languages at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, studied at Toronto and Cambridge and is Life Member, Clare Hall, Cambridge and Core Faculty in Comparative Literature at Western University. He has collaborated on artist books, such as Darkfire and The Waiting Room (the Sean Caulfield and Susan Colberg) and Stow (with Nadezda Vashkevich). In addition to having his work as part of art exhibitions and artist book collections in Asia, North America and Britain, he has published six books of poems, Breath and Dust, Dream China, Dream Salvage, Dreamwork, and The Burning Lake. His poetry has been translated into Chinese, Russian, French, German, Greek, Estonian, Slovenian, Polish and Romanian. For many years, he has published in literary journals and magazines like Harvard Review, Mattoid and Quarry. He splits his time mainly among London, Shanghai, Edmonton and Toronto.

Lisa and Jonathan came across each other’s art remotely and electronically and were simply touched by each other’s work. Since 2015 the two have collaborated on 2 projects in the form of a combination of prints and poetry. Their first project Poem 91 has recently won the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Prize from The Masters Exhibition.





Sam Nias Exhibition and Artist Talk

Sam Nias Poster






















Over the past 3 months, our Artist in Resident, Sam Nias, has been developing a series of Screenprints inspired by the visual technical glitches and malfunctions that we see in todays new technologies.

Come and join us in the studio to see an exhibition of Sams’ new Screenprints and hear what he has to say about his project.

Who : Sam Nias

Where : ELP Studio, 19 Warburton Road, E8 3RT

When : 5th July 2016 – 7pm

Pop-up Exhibition — Amrita Saraogi

Amrita Saraogi_The Yellow London Room Where I Learnt to be Happy Alone_Linocut (1)

Who : Amrita Saraogi

When : Friday 10th June 2016 7pm – 9:30pm

Where : East London Printmakers (RSVP)

Amrita, a printmaker from Calcutta, India, and our current resident Project Keyholder, is going to present  her work on reflective self-portraits, and her experiments with ‘cracking’ effects for etchings which she has been working on while at ELP. She has explored the relationship between the ‘self’ and space, and how space can trigger self-reflection and new ways of looking at oneself.

Amrita has trained closely under a master printmaker in Calcutta for 2 years. Her recent work largely deals with memories, and associations with private spaces such as bedrooms.

The exhibition will include a display of linocuts and etchings, amongst other media.

Amrita Saraogi_My New York Apartment Day 1_Linocut.jpg



Artist Talk with Paddy Molloy

Paddy Molloy Artist Talk

Who : Paddy Molloy

When : 31st May 2016 7pm – 8pm

Where : East London Printmakers

Paddy Molloy is an illustrator based in London. He has worked extensively for theatre and print publication. Operating as an editorial illustrator his images appeared regularly in the Guardian, New York Times and Globe and Mail.

For many years he has produced animation and video for theatrical productions that project into sets engaging with and developing character and narrative. Paddy’s work for theatre has been shown at the Young Vic, Barbican Pit and Abbey Theatre. His first production as designer was Breaking The Ice for the Unicorn in 2015.

His recent commission for House of Illustration saw him take this process into the realm of public art with Crossing Time. Funded by the Arts Council, it was a four-meter high projected installation in Granary Square that ran from February to March this year.

Paddy is currently senior lecture in Illustration Animation at Kingston University.

Pop-Up Exhibition: ‘The House of Refuge’: Constructing Fictional Architecture in Print

Imogen Humphris Pop Up Exhibition

Who : Imogen Humphris

When : Friday 20th May 2016 7pm – 9:30pm

Where : East London Printmakers

This year Imogen Humphris has been working on the project key holder residency at East London Printmakers; working with a variety of etching techniques, she has explored the translation from her ‘conglomerate drawing’ method to ‘conglomerate printing’, producing new pieces constructed from multiple plate printing and paper cut out. As part of the ELP pop-up exhibition she will present some highlights in the journey from research to the creation of ‘The House of Refuge’.

Imogen Humphris is an illustrator and printmaker bringing together themes of conflict and poverty in the context of architecture and the built environment. From travel, formal research, and informal conversations she creates fictional buildings that represent real life experiences of communities in the throws of change. Her current project ‘The House of Refuge’ brings together spaces of hostility and sanctuary throughout the migration paths across Europe in a discursive exchange.