Yucheng Ji


Ever since 2009, when I began printmaking, I’ve obtained
another perspective to view the world through the featured traces of
transferring and reproduction in it. I prefer to carry on my own
practices on the premise that I’ve comprehended traditional
techniques of printmaking.

Most of my work explore the relationship between historical artifacts
and contemporary life, which takes form through the
deconstructions and recombination of traditional art work. I am
looking back at the history and tradition of printmaking and explore
it with a contemporary perspective.

For The Distant Places series, I take my inspiration from engravings
published in popular illustrated novels of 19th century. I bring
ordinary objects from my daily life into the fake middle age scenes
and enlarge their scale as architecture. I use the ridiculous
dislocation of time and space as a metaphor for much complex
philosophical questions.

I am also interested in the potential and implications behind etching
techniques. Through my project How to Watch the Eclipse,I try to
combine monotype with hard ground etching. Metaphysical ideas
are retained in the features of these tow different techniques. And I
will continue this theme through my next project.