Umberto Giovannini


Umberto Giovannini plotted his artistic course through an approach of craftsmanship, discipline and work. Born in Morciano di Romagna in 1969, he is a multidisciplinary artist with specific interest in printmaking: since 1991 he has produced around 600 original pieces for books, artist’s collections, bookplates and as freestyle graphic works. His special love is polychrome woodcut. He currently teaches Experimental printmaking techniques at the Rimini Fine Arts Academy and Woodcut at the Minardi Arts and Crafts School in Faenza.

As a historian of printmaking he has been invited to curate numerous monographic exhibitions. The catalogues were published by VACA vari cervelli associati , a Ravenna-based association – of which Giovannini is co-founder – which since 1990 has been involved in publishing, filmmaking, visual arts and the international competition ‘Books never ever seen’.

During these years he has also worked as set designer and creator of exhibition spaces, specialising in the construction of machinismi (effects machinery) which, blending graphic, mechanical and kinetic know-how, he has built for theatres, film directors and personal installations.

In July 2009 he opened his own printmaking studio in the Castle of Montefiore Conca: the Opificio della Rosa is dedicated to the use of low environmental impact graphic techniques.