Rory Brooke


My art seeks to explore themes including the background and context to property development and the urban landscape; the human form; and sexuality. It links with my work as a town planner and economist and focuses on property development and carbon reduction, my love of London and my family. My work tends to focus on the inter-relationship between strong blocks of colour, line and form, predominately through screenprints and linocuts.
‘London Fields Sentinels’ is a view of what I find the strange juxtaposition of the tall office skyscrapers with the domestic context of terrace houses and park space and lighting, with the colours and details of the buildings coming through in the dawn light.
‘Leadenhall Tower’ is a sketch for a new screenprint I am planning for 2013. It seeks to explore the rich, varied texture and strong colours of the spaceship-like fa├žade of the under-construction building.
‘Childhood’s End?’ aims to raise awareness of how our everyday lives create carbon dioxide and contribute to global warming. The work is a montage of drawings by children. The title, minus the question mark, comes from a novel by Arthur C Clarke, which told of the end of our world. My hope is that the sense in which the human race is coming to the end of its childhood is in rising to the challenge of collective action to prevent catastrophic climate change.


Rory is the founder member and first chair of East London Printmakers. Inspired by Birmingham Print Workshop he sought out fellow printmaker artists in East London with a common interest in promoting printmaking and developing resources for artists and the community. Rory has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows in locations including London, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff.