Philippa Merrett


My work is concerned with the exploration of colour, texture, pattern and ambiguity. Also sometimes merging figurative with abstract, my work aims to reveal and conceal by layering and combining different printmaking techniques. Like memory, we piece together information and ideas through association and personal history. I enjoy using photography as it can be a reference to the past, to a time before I even existed and as with art history, something I am embedded in right through to the present. Mortality is a subject i am interested in currently, the traces we leave behind and how these may be interpreted.


  • BA Hons Degree Fine Art (Painting) Cheltenham School of Art 1990-93
  • Printmaking skills ABC Level 3 Award London College of Communication (L.C.C) 2006
  • Printmaking ABC Level 3 Double Award L.C.C 2006
  • Graphic Printmaking ABC Level 3 L.C.C 2007/8 (Distinction)



  • Ofcom L.C.C Feb 2009


  • L.C.C Lower Street Gallery ‘Elephant Proof’ Group 2008
  • Waterloo Gallery ‘Elephant Proof’ Group July 2008
  • Ofcom L.C.C July 2008


  • L.C.C Eckersley Gallery ‘Elephant Proof’ Group July 2007
  • Royal Academy of Arts Gallery Cafe ‘Elephant Proof’ Group October 2007