Maureen Nathan

My art practice is based on drawing. I work figuratively and mark making is the visual language that I use, allowing me a dialogue with myself, a way of working things out, to place myself in relation to the world I live in.

I am drawn to relationships between people and the narrative that exists when people engage with one another and often when they don’t. Lack of engagement can work like the negative space in a composition, highlighting the emotion in the narrative even more.

Relief printing excites me and my favourite printing method is linocut. I draw with cutting tools straight into the lino, sometimes using sketchbook drawings as reference, but most often from life with the subjects or motif in front of me. The active creation of the image, manipulating the material by hand while creating the composition, often adding collage and paint, gives me a great deal of pleasure. The magic moment of pulling the first print is always exciting.

I enjoy learning more about using shape and form through the medium of printmaking to create depth and weight in an image and find that it translates into a clarity in my painting work too.