Lyn Melville-James


Lyn Melville-James is primarily a painter , printmaker and photographer. ‘The power and excitement of pulling a print , no matter how it is made, never becomes ordinary. Images seen with both eye and heart as one are profound and I strive to interpret my response where life offers glorious images without boundaries.’

Lyn has lived in France and Cornwall where she recorded landscape. Studying solar plate etching in Florence she made extensive studies of ‘angels in the earth and sky’ combining the imagery of the Renaissance with the mysteries of the Tuscan hillsides. Her current work is based on a project with the theme ‘At the Edges of Times’ centred on a Jurassic site at Millau 12100 France. A 14-day meditation in a small tent at the base of a mountain on the banks of the Tarn.


  • Hornsey College of Art
  • Middlesex University History of Art, Film & Design BAHons
  • Camberwell Printmaking MA