Lorena Herrero

My first approach to Intaglio, and more specifically Etching, started over four years ago. Fascinated by the scope and the potential of the medium, I was immediately addicted.
At first I was more focused on the learning of the more traditional techniques: hard ground, soft ground, etching, dry point, aquatint. For me knowing the basics was essential to be able to move forward.
Etching is the medium that I feel most comfortable with and I love it for the tones, textures and the quietness of it.
The influences in my work come from various sources and often represent a mixture between a realistic world and a fantastic dimension where nature and urban spaces come together.

My current source of inspiration is geometry and concepts such as lines, forms, symmetry and asymmetry, radial symmetry, shapes and dimensions. What fascinates me about it is the use of a single unit, a line or a circle, to create complex compositions. Study the repetition of lines in regular or irregular intervals. How to find order, balance and harmony in each composition, how to break the balance, how to play with perspectives and create forms and dimensions. All these ideas are always in my mind when I start a new project, but there is also an element of unpredictability and randomness present in each work which adds flexibility and, to certain extend, loss of control over the composition.