Lesley O’Neill

I am an Artist living in London, UK.

I studied Fine Art Printmaking at the Slade (MA), and then worked from a studio in the East End for five years.  Participating in exhibitions with some lecturing work. Had my son and stopped.

I studied for a PGCE becoming an Art teacher for ten years. Feeling disillusioned with the teaching establishment I retrained as a Pilates teacher.  My work had always been figurative after a fashion, so a reasonable fit.  

I use to think time was linear, things happen in a certain order, then 2020 struck. My Father died, he was 92 so that’s ok, yes? In March I caught Covid now morphed into Long Covid.

On 3rd June my Son died suddenly from a Pulmonary Embolism caused by an undiagnosed DVT.  This was not the correct order of things and left me questioning life.

I dusted off my tools and started again but this time with much more to say, the product of a life lived I guess.

My work is inspired by my experiences; all self-portraits but they could be anyone.  The important thing is not that the sitter is me but the emotion they convey.  Loss, love, yearning, searching, hopes and humour.  The need for a forbidden hug.

I have created thirty-five new pieces all with a theme running through them.  Working mainly in Wood and Linocut.  I love cutting the image; it is as much about the process as the finished piece. It can be unpredictable, a slip of the blade and the story is changed irrevocably, that is the exciting bit!  The challenge of still making it work.

I don’t like to flatter, I like raw emotion but with a sense of humour albeit a dark one.

Website lesleyoneill-artwork.org
Instagram @lesleyoneillartwork
Email [email protected]