Kate Fortune Jones

Born in Liverpool, Kate studied Fine Art (BA) Hons at London’s Goldsmiths College, followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in the Cultural History and Theory of Photography at the London College of Printing. Since then Kate has had a long and on going career in Film and TV Animation working for Warner Brothers and Disney amongst others, and on many popular children’s TV series, as a Design and Layout Artist and Art Director.

From 2010 Kate gradually returned to her own studio practice, rediscovering printmaking at London’s City Lit College, as a member of London Print Studio and a Key Holder member at Seacourt Print Workshop in Bangor, Co. Down.

Originally a painter, Kate gravitates toward the more expressive painterly methods of printmaking, although she prefers not to confine herself to anyone discipline, enjoying experimenting with different techniques and combining methods. Lithography is a particular passion, one which Kate is only beginning to investigate, having worked with Waterless, Zinc plate and Stone in the last two years.

Kate’s subject matter is mostly informed by her fascination and knowledge of the natural world, inspired by the abundance of extraordinary pattern, texture and form to be found on close inspection, from aquatic life in rock pools to the complex gills structure of a fungus. “Landscapes” are then created which bring in to play musings on order and chaos, mixing her own esoteric marks and symbols, merging factual observation with more imaginary contemplations or compositions. The artist says: ” Typically I depict flora and fauna which are gently odd, unfamiliar, or sometimes overly repeated. This in turn creates a visual tension suggesting an underlying narrative, often one of disquiet or anxiety. Issues of damage, loss and extinction are key concerns for me. On a literal level this refers to the outside world, the endangered fragile natural environment constantly threatened by man’s intervention, but it could also point to a reflection on a more personal interior terrain.”

Kate’s work is held in the V&A Print Archive and in many private collections in the UK and abroad. She is a member of the Print Makers Council and the Beds, Bucks and Herts Print Society.