Karolina Peszko


Karolina was born in Poland, spent teenage years in Paris, and graduated from Sir John Cass school of Art in London. Her practice is printmaking and object creation. Her work is concerned with finding images that evoke contradictory and ambiguous states of mind; such as calm and anxiety, awe and repulsion. Outside of her practice she also leads art workshops for children to help them channel their creativity.


I have an interest the human body; how it is connected to the rest of the world and how those connections are made and changed. I find the constituent parts of the body like bones and guts really beautiful and I’m increasingly interested in showing them in an abstract way. I think it’s very interesting when some images make you want to look closely and admire and at the same time you have an impulse to look away and squirm. I like to keep delicate seduction and subtle repulsion close to one another in my work.

I like printing in a way which is unrepeatable so I often combine etchings with mono- prints, chine-colle found patterns and emboss organic shapes like leaves or flower petals into the work. I’ll be keeping myself busy in East London Printmakers, I have a lot of experimenting to be getting on with!

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BA Fine Arts
London Metropolitan University, The Cass School of Art, London 2011
BTEC Diploma in Foundation of Art and Design. Distinction.
Hackney Community College, London 2008
Jugian Psychoanalysis; Art and Archetype,
Birkbeck College, London 2008
International Baccalaureate Diploma
International School of Paris, France


  • Promenade April 2013
    Mile End Art Pavillion
  • Altered States
    Degree show a the Cass School of Art June 2011
    Film projection.
  • Presence
    Mile End Art Pavillion
    ‘Release, Releasing, Released’ A series of 5 monoprints
    and three projections with sound played in a loop. Dec. 2010
  • Re:call
    Et Cetera Gallery, Hackney, London
    showing: ‘Release, Releasing, Released’ ; Nov. 2010
  • Art in a Suitcase: Reader’s digest
    The Hales Gallery, London
    A performance involving the audience. Tasting and eating a variety of words… Apr. 2009
  • Eat Your Words, part of: Exploring Food through Art
    Gillet Square, Dalston
    A playful stall for children during a family art event,
    Children can taste words imaginatively and share their reactions. Apr. 2009
  • Solo Performance: Spring Release
    ‘One and Other’ performance on the Fourth Plinth of Trafalgar Square. Aug. 2009