Julia da Mota

Artist Bio

I live and work in São Paulo, Brazil. Before getting an MFA at the University of São Paulo, I studied Architecture at the same University. I am deeply influenced by the Brazilian Modernist and Concrete Art movements, as well as the great masters of Brazilian brutalism in architecture. My artistic research is based on the representation of man-made space and landscape, and the boundaries present in such spaces. I seek basic units of architectural effect, relating spatial materialization as a representation of social relations present in the city itself —the boundaries between public and private, external or internal; between built and empty spaces; between the acts of passage and permanence.
I have always been very intimate with printmaking processes, having worked with woodcuts, copperplate etchings, monotypes, lithographs, silkscreen printing, and bookmaking techniques; as well as drawing, painting, and photography. My most recent works are linked to the act of repetition as a creative process in printmaking and painting, to create visual narratives around themes such as space, urban landscape, and architecture.