Ian Scaife


In my work, I am interested in exploring the interplay between shape and colour, and I find screenprinting suits my intentions as it allows flat, hard-edged areas along with a reasonably large print size in comparison to other print methods.

My prints are made using paper stencils, which effectively means that the editions are very small – 5 to 10 is about maximum before the moisture in the ink begins to break the stencil down. The stencils themselves are cut from newsprint using a scalpel; a process I find very satisfying and which I think of as a means of drawing by cutting into the paper.

I am drawn to the bright, synthetic colours used in manufacturing: colour used in car production, for example and (despite my prints being in small editions) I like the notion that screenprinting can be, and is often used as, a means of industrial production.


I studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths and Liverpool College of Art

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07984 432 810