Gabriela Gonzalez Larsson

I am a Swedish-Spanish fine art printmaker, painter and installation artist who works with different aspects of materiality. I am interested in politics of scale; the preconceptions we make to what is important and how it affects the way we impose hierarchy. My work combines notions of secrecy and minuteness, with those of devotion and essence, eternal stories and alchemy. Using craft and drawing processes, such as wood engraving, I make microscopical depictions that have lately been drawn to scapes of stillness, devoid of human imprint, where implications of brutality sit effortlessly, side by side with forms of delicacy. My experiments look to confront contemporary ideas of value; to me, the act of surfacing the overlooked is political, like the clandestine meetings that occur when the day becomes night, positioning the private within the public, generating a narrative of intimacy in collapsing excessive and extinct.

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