Claire Smith


At present I am interested in the process of multi-plate etchings, where two or more plates are printed on top of each other, enabling different colours and different sequences to be printed, creating images which are both individual and related. This offers the possibility of developing several elements separately and putting them together, perhaps randomly, in the printing process, leaving the final interaction quite open and unexpected.

Fish Dance 2012
The forms and composition of this series originated in patterns and movements created by footprints melting in snow and evolved into images with an underwater feel – like fish darting through weed.

Turning Heads 2013
This collection began with observational portrait drawings of people around me and myself and as well as the multi-plate etchings is being developed through a series of layered paintings and drawings.

Walking the Thames 2013-14
This is an ongoing project beginning with drawings done during the summer of 2013 along the River Thames from Richmond in the west to the Thames Barrier in the east.

The multi-plate prints make use of several etching processes including sugarlift, spitbite, aquatint and drypoint, and draw inspiration from elements of new architecture and redundant constructions, bicycles and passers-by, grime and sparkle.

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