Caroline Whitehead



Most of my recent prints are the result of many hours spent drawing in natural history collections in the UK and abroad. I often end up spending most time in bird galleries, and have come to realise that it is pretty much impossible to invent a bird that is stranger than one that actually exists. I have also become fascinated by flightless birds, and in particular by the sad story of the extinction of the great auk. As well as museum specimens, I am also interested in the strange, sometimes incongruous reflections, that appear in the glass windows of display cases.

Having previously worked mostly with screenprinting and collagraphy, last year I discovered mokulito at a workshop run at Ewa Budka, a project keyholder at East London Printmakers. Mokulito is a lithographic process that uses a wooden plate instead of the traditional stone or metal. Editions are small and variable, but I very much enjoy the freedom of drawing on wood and the subtle veils of colour that arise during printing. Currently I am experimenting with combining mokulito with screenprinting, as well as with polyester plate lithography. I am also one of eight artists invited to participate in Ghost[Ed.], a stone lithography project that will launch in summer 2015.

I studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford, and also have an MA in Sequential Design from the University of Brighton. I grew up in London, more recently spent 10 years living in Norway, and now live in Hackney.