Amanda Taylor

Artist Statement

Amanda Taylor has been a printmaker since 2001 when she attended the London College of Communication.  Since then she joined ELP and has taken part in the annual shows and other exhibitions over the years.  She teaches collagraph printmaking there and gets involved in the demonstrations at the open studios.  She has also taught printmaking at a Medieval castle in Italy to a group of international students and has demonstrated wood engraving at the Bankside gallery for the last few years when the Society of Wood Engravers have their annual exhibitions.  
She was brought up by the sea in Hampshire and Sussex which has inspired her to create images of the natural world, landscapes, the sea, flowers and animal life. 
She works from sketches and photographs and enjoys the textures achieved by collagraphs, the fine detail achieved in wood engraving, and the layering of colour in her reduction linocuts.  She has more recently experimented with caustic soda to create texture in her linocuts and likes to continue to experiment and develop new techniques to improve her work.