Constanza Pulit

Artist Bio

Constanza Pulit is an Argentinean artist based in London. Using photography as the
starting point of her practice she creates images inspired by the stories and fables she
grew up with.
Her work explores concepts of fantasy, mythology and eroticism.
She manipulates her photographs using a wide variety of printing processes to generate
a dialogue between the image and its physicality. As an alchemist, her images take
different forms till something close to the essence of the story arises.
She creates unsettling dreamlike images that aim to intrigue, confront and challenge the
viewer to face their own desires. Working in these dark recesses of the human psyche
Constanza takes risks and is not frightened of exposing herself.

MA Fine Art Printmaking 2021
University of the Arts, Camberwell

BA Photography 2016
Escuela Argentina de FotografĂ­a

Most recent exhibition
London Grads. Now 2021 Saatchi Gallery