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  • I am capable of coating, exposing, cleaning my screens and operating a vacuum table.
  • I am capable of safely handling intaglio equipment.
  • I am capable of operating an Albion relief press.
East London Printmakers

jon mayers

My current practice is informed by my own experience of being a child in the 1980s, without trying to evoke any feelings of nostalgia or sentimentality. Being a kid is scary, and the UK in the 1980s had a really weird, dark grittiness to it. Things definitely felt more dangerous and unsupervised. There were things that were cool like video shops, small town cinemas, newsagents, charity shops, boot fairs, places to get lost at as a little boy that don’t seem to have an equivalent today. I studied BA Illustration at Maidstone 2004-2007, and MA Printmaking at the Royal College of Art from where I graduated in 2010.

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