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  • I am capable of coating, exposing, cleaning my screens and operating a vacuum table.
  • I am capable of safely handling intaglio equipment.
  • I am capable of operating an Albion relief press.
East London Printmakers


A. Lim Malamas is a Canadian, London-based artist. The Royal College of Art & Design in London has accepted her into their Print MA program. Her work has been shown in Canada, the U.S., England, France and Australia. She is a member of the East London Printmakers, Mid American Print Council, Lower East Side Printshop (New York), Open Studio (Toronto) and the Print Council of Australia. Her work simulates a process of construction that reflects natural processes – namely reproduction and development from single entities. She carves individual linoleum blocks with ambivalent structures and then prints the same unit multiple times in different configurations creating unique compositions that evoke fractal features: complexity from simplicity. There then begins a search to witness an emergence of form. Her printing technique is a trademark. Each print is inherently distinct and unique. Her practice examines the very nature of what a print is and what it can be by challenging what reproduction means within the context of her work. Influences include abstract sculpture, Golden Age illustration, Chinese watercolour and Japanese printmaking. Through exploring shape, form and synthesis of colour, her work elicits a particular articulation. Her artistic lens seeks visual harmony rather than dissonance – like melody in music. She considers herself an abstract aestheticist.

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