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Christopher Pearson

Christopher is a London-based contemporary artist working between printmaking and sculpture, an MA Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins, and a BA (Hons) Art & Design graduate from the University of Leeds. His practice is primarily concerned with process-led abstraction, acts of transformation, anthropomorphism, and the notion of staging performances between component materials, amongst many other areas of interest. At East London Printmakers, Christopher has recently been working with carborundum to produce a series of embossed works with metallic chine-collé, which seek to reflect and distort the viewer and their surrounding environment. In turn, these works establish a dialogue between the ‘frozen gestures’ captured in each embossing and the contrastingly unending movement of ‘real time’. Selected editions of these works are represented by Kovet.Art, whilst selected sculptures and works on fabric of Christopher’s are represented by Made in Arts London. For more information on Christopher’s previous projects and exhibitions, please visit his portfolio at


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