Yearly Archives: 2020

Maggie Henton

Maggie Henton studied at Chelsea School of Art, and at Middlesex where she gained an MA in Architecture and Spacial Culture.

Much of her work is developed in response to specific sites. She has a particular interest in architectural spaces and in how places are constructed and inhabited. She also makes works in response to museum collections. Working methods included; drawing, stitch, print making, photography, mixed media constructions and installations.

Her prints usually begin with photographs which are reworked and redrawn, before being translated into screenprints.

Christopher Pearson

Christopher is a London-based contemporary artist working between printmaking and sculpture, an MA Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins, and a BA (Hons) Art & Design graduate from the University of Leeds. His practice is primarily concerned with process-led abstraction, acts of transformation, anthropomorphism, and the notion of staging performances between component materials, amongst many other areas of interest. At East London Printmakers, Christopher has recently been working with carborundum to produce a series of embossed works with metallic chine-collé, which seek to reflect and distort the viewer and their surrounding environment. In turn, these works establish a dialogue between the ‘frozen gestures’ captured in each embossing and the contrastingly unending movement of ‘real time’. Selected editions of these works are represented by Kovet.Art, whilst selected sculptures and works on fabric of Christopher’s are represented by Made in Arts London. For more information on Christopher’s previous projects and exhibitions, please visit his portfolio at


Facebook: @cpearsonartist

Twitter: @cpearsonartist


Emma McArthur

Artist Bio

Emma is an artist with a day job in book publishing. She made a drawing a day for the whole of 2018 and 2019, something that started as an exercise to help concentration and help to form her artistic identity through practice. However, over time her daily drawings have developed into explorations of the physical form, identity and structure. From evolving her own original life drawings, and moving much deeper into the structure that makes up each of us, she is able to show their beauty and fragility. Identity has played a part in much of her work through illustrations, screen prints and lino printing, and continues to mature each day through her practice.
Her work has featured in the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine in 2019.

Instagram: @emmalucymcarthur