Yearly Archives: 2020

Susanne Dagmar Olsen

Artist Statement

Art reflects you as the person you are,I work in a broard range of media and genres,because I think you get the best results,when you do what you like most,and linocut has been my favorite for many years

My art is expressive,naturalistic and often contains lyrical content.I like to weight my work with strong
contrasts between black and white and colour.My sublect of matter ranges from animals,flowers and
figures mainly portraiture.

Email:  [email protected]

Inga Eicaite


Inga Eicaite is a contemporary printmaker dividing her practice between London and Vilnius. 

Deeply influenced by Bauhaus and Constructivism movements, she explores the notion of space/cosmos.

Deconstructing heavenly bodies, their linear structures and then putting them back together in new constellation systems. She focuses on observation how it could affect imaginary surroundings, the possible abnormal shifts when nature is going through the cosmic event.

Mostly working in black and white, she is now studying mokuhanga, to reach more depth and introduce colour into her works. 

Insta: @zoori_i