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Susan Vera Clarke

Artist Statement

After completing her BA and MA in Contemporary Fine Art Practice at Falmouth University, Susan moved towards East London in search of new creative opportunities.

Since then, she has worked with a number of printmaking studios including; Typoretum, Bainbridge Studios and more recently East London Printmakers where she currently works as the studio manager and workshops coordinator.

Susan’s work responds to a variety of narratives. To name a few: Science, Environment and Ritual are key themes you’ll find in my prints. These themes blend between one another with some playing a more critical role than others however, they’re all inherently linked to one another.

My environment, not just locally but globally, fascinates me and is usually the birth place for most of my work. The enormity and complexity of life on earth is the catalyst for a whole chain of thought which then culminates together in the end print. However, through the print process is a ritualist series of events that imprint themselves in the narrative of the work. For me, the production of the print negates the artworks tone of voice and because of this my practice can sometimes feel more scientific. My methodic but blind approach to marking making is a kin to that of a scientist. Knowingly stabbing in the dark to find something that I yet realise exists.

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Artist Talk : Almudena Romero


Artist Almudena Romero will be explaining her wet collodion projects, focusing on her tintype work, as well as on the commissions she has received to set up pop- up collodion darkrooms at institutions such as the V&A, the National Portrait Gallery and the University of the Arts London. Almudena will be explaining the history and the technicalities of the wet collodion process and how museums and galleries might approach the subject of teaching early processes in-house. 

Born in Madrid in 1986, Almudena Romero is a visual artist working with a wide range of photographic  processes from early printing techniques such as cyanotype, salt printing or wet plate collodion, to new technologies including 3Dscanning and printing. Since 2015,  Almudena has shown and explained her practice at TATE Modern-TATE Exchange, TATE Britain, The Photographers’ Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Whitechapel Gallery, the London Art Fair and the University of the Arts London, and delivered courses and lectures at National Portrait  Gallery, the Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, the Mapfre Foundation, the Sotheby’s  Institute of Art, University of Westminster, Kingston University and Southampton Solent University. She has also received commissions to produce installations in public spaces from Team London Bridge, Southwark Council, Emergency Exit Artist, Wellcome Trust and University College London. Her work has been published in TimeOut, DUST magazine, Uncertain States and Photomonitor.

Almudena’s practice uses photographic processes to reflect on issues relating to identity, representation and ideology; such as the role of photography in the construction of national identity, or the link between photographic archives and colonialism. Her work focuses on how photographic processes and technology transform the notions of public, private, individuality, identity, memory, and, in general, the concept of the individual.  Almudena’s works touch on how perception affects existence and how photographic processes contribute to organising perception.

Location : East London Printmakers

Date : Tuesday 27th March 2018

Time : 7pm