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Photopolymer Etching Course

At our latest course, join Helen Ashton as she gives you a beginners guide to Photopolymer Etching. Set over 3 days commencing from the 29th March, this course will give you a valuable insight into all aspects of the practice including; a combination of digital imaging software, UV exposing and traditional etching, as well as being guided through Adobe Photoshop, in order to output and expose A5 digital positives. You will be taught in a low toxic environment allowing you to handle solvents and oil based inks safely.

This specialist course offers a hands on experience of etching photosensitive polymer, a practice which excellently exploits its plates – exhibiting continuous tone, fine detail and rich blacks. This is then added to with the opportunity to develop plates for relief printing, ideal for letterpress and logos.

The course is suitable for beginners and also those with some knowledge of Printmaking that want to expand their practice and incorporate a new skill into their repertoire. You can find out more about the course and book your place here.

Nica Harrison

Dominica is an award-winning artist with the focus on animation and printmaking. She received a traditional art education in Moscow with focus on drawing and oil painting and was involved in a several art exhibitions in Moscow and Kaluga.

She moved to UK in 2013 to continue her art education in London and Edinburgh. After receiving her BA degree in Animation in Edinburgh College of Arts, she worked as an animator for feature oil-painted animated film ‘Loving Vincent’.

In UK she was a part of several exhibitions, and several of her films were shown at animation festivals in around the world.



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Lisa Chang Lee

Lisa Chang Lee

Lisa Chang Lee (also known as Chang Li) obtained her BA from China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing and MA degree from the Royal College of Art, both majoring printmaking. Her work, often conceptually inspired by printmaking, encompasses mix-media, moving image and video installation. She has internationally exhibited her work in the UK, Sweden, Austria and Mainland China, including her solo exhibition Print of Light in Cunshang Gallery, Beijing 2010; selected group exhibitions including The Masters in Bankside Gallery, London 2016; VOID in Gingko Space, Beijing, 2015. Lisa also curated several exhibitions such as “Sweden- China contemporary art” in Sweden, November 2014 and “Repeat / Spiral” International art exhibition at Impact 9 Printmaking Conference Hangzhou & Hangzhou International Printmaking Biennale, September 2015. “Far Few in Between” at the No Format Gallery in London in 2016 and Co-curated Yeats 150 anniversaries “Lonely Impulse of light” in China at the Irish Embassy 2016.
She lives and works in London and Beijing.


Amrita Saraogi

Amrita is a printmaker from Calcutta, India, and has been at ELP as a resident Project Keyholder. Amrita has trained closely under a master printmaker in Calcutta, with whom she explored several techniques of printmaking, such as woodcut, etching, lithography, screen-printing et al. She exhibits her work widely all over the world.



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Selected Exhibitions:

Nov. ’16 New York: 2nd New York International Mini Print Exhibition at the Manhattan Graphics Center

Nov. ’16 London: The Masters, Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, Bankside Gallery

Aug. ’16 Bolton, UK: neo:printprize2016, neo:gallery

Nov. ’15 London: The Masters, Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, Bankside Gallery

Oct. ’15  Tokyo: Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition

Apr. ’15  Goa: Mini Print Goa 2015, invited artist

Feb. ’15  Mumbai: The Bombay Art Society’s All India Annual Art Exhibition, Jehangir Art Gallery

Dec. ’14  Kolkata: Annual All-India Art Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts