Monthly Archives: February 2017

Artist Talk Series – Nica Harrison

Join us in the studio on Monday the 27th February for one of our Artist Talk Series with current ELP Artist in Residence, Nica Harrison.

Nica Harrison will be talking about the work she has made during her two-month residency in East London Printmakers. During that time she’s worked on a series of screen prints as well some some animation loops. She will be discussing the process of combining animation and screen print and how she developed her technique in the past two years. Nica will also be showing some of her past work and talking about festivals and exhibition that she has participated in. 

Dominica is an award-winning artist with the focus on animation and printmaking. She received a traditional art education in Moscow with focus on drawing and oil painting and was involved in a several art exhibitions in Moscow and Kaluga.
She moved to UK in 2013 to continue her art education in London and Edinburgh. After receiving her BA degree in Animation in Edinburgh College of Arts, she worked as an animator for feature oil-painted animated film ‘Loving Vincent’. In UK she was a part of several exhibitions, and several of her films were shown at animation festivals in around the world.



Etched Lino Workshop

Our latest course at East London Printmakers allows you the opportunity to enter into a new world of mark-making possibilities, by learning how to etch the surface of lino with a caustic solution. As well as introducing printmakers to this exciting – and sometimes unpredictable – technique, Steve Edwards will share the methods he uses to register multiple plates in order to create his dramatic large-scale landscapes.

The course will take place over 5 evenings throughout March and April, so if you are already a fan of the linocut then this course will give you the opportunity to add an exciting new dimension to your practice. To find out more about the course and book your place, have a little look at this.