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Christmas Open Studio 2015

This year’s Open Studio (click here to RSVP) will take place on Thursday 3rd December from 6—9pm at East London Printmakers, 19 Warburton Road, E8 3RT and is kindly sponsored by The Five Points Brewing Co. so you can enjoy some delicious beverages on the evening. For those who have never been to one of our Open Studio events, here’s what to expect.

There will be an exhibition of prints displayed throughout the print rooms, many of which will be individually priced for sale, alongside a selection of prints that will all be marked at the affordable price of just £10GBP and the chance to win fabulous prints via the ELP tombola!

This night will also mark the launch of our infamous annual ELP Box Set which has been archived at the V&A Museum since 2007. The Box Set  is open for all members to participate and is intended to promote the co-operative nature at the heart of ELP, there are currently over 60 members who participate each year. There is no theme to the Box Set, however the paper size of all prints is kept the a uniform 30 x 30cm square throughout all editions. The paper and this is kindly donated by John Purcell. The prints are housed in boxes made by specialist luxury boxmakers G. Ryder and Son, a family run firm based near Milton Keynes. Each year the box lids are designed and screenprinted onto by ELP members.

Come along and meet ELP keyholders and members for a beer or two.








RSVP to the Christmas Open Studio 2015 here.

Fabio Lattanzi Antinori — Artist In Residence

Fabio Lattanzi Antinori has a number of qualifications to his name, including MA Communication Art & Design, Printmaking and MFA Computational Studio Arts. He has been exhibiting work professionally since 2009 and was selected as the Artist in Residence at East London Printmakers in 2015. Fabio uses the medium of print alongside sculpture and interactive installations to create his socio-political works. He often begins with raw data as a starting point, creating layers of symbols and meaning to form visual systems.


Dataflags: Lehmann Brothers 2014
Somerset paper, screenprint, data from the last ten years of Lehman Brothers’ financial trading, electric paint, soundsystem, custom code, voice soprano (Madge).


The Dataflag series deals with the notion of failure in the corporate world; the first installation of the piece at the V&A in London, focused around the raise and fall of Lehmann Brothers. Much inspired by corporate flags and banners, which serve the purpose of glorifying the identity of companies worldwide, Dataflag is a screenprint on Somerset paper; when touched it tells the story of the company, by singing the last 10 years of daily financial data to the audience. It is a corporate flag of bankruptcy and failure.

The story follows a very detailed script; every time the flag is touched, a new set of numbers is announced.
These numbers are the share price of the Lehmann Brothers. The artwork, through using a language known only to a few experts in the field of finance, it narrates the ups and down that featured the company’s progress towards the terrible moment of the bankruptcy, a contemporary take on a tragedy of our times.



Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, Dataflags from Museum of contemporary cuts on Vimeo.

The will be a pop-up exhibition of the work created by Fabio Antinori during his Artist in Residence at ELP on Thursday 12th November 7:00pm.