Monthly Archives: October 2013

Lucy Smith

I graduated from Central Saint Martins, and then life (starting a family and earning a ‘sensible’ living) rather got in the way – no more! Finally getting closer to a healthy balance. All encouragement is appreciated.
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Kit Boyd

I graduated in Visual Art from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 1991 specialising in painting and photography. Recently I have moved into printmaking and collage. I work in the British romantic tradition, and am particularly influenced by Neo-romantic artists of the 1940s and the Surrealist movement.

My work concerns our relationship with landscape and our place in nature, ecologically, spiritually and emotionally. Recent etchings have been primarily influenced by Samuel Palmer and John Minton; they explore modern landscapes in an antique style and are sometimes populated with figures using modern technology.

Judith Symons

“These screenprints are developed from drawings in pastel made out of doors. The translation into a new medium is the thrill, like seeing your children grow up in ways you could not anticipate.”

Jennie Ing

Jennie produces linocut prints in colour and black and white. She is driven by an interest in architecture and a fascination with the way space is taken up in our cities, as well as the patterns, repetition and colours found in the built environment.