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Euan G. Stewart


“My work uses anatomical and physiological themes to examine the human condition through drawing and printmaking, often showing a dark comedic underbelly that can be surprisingly disarming given the subject matter.

Twelve Angry Men was created to explore expression and identity, taking inspiration from condensed urban living and the experience of being either part of the crowd or apart from it. In this series, I directly reference the football crowd, where heightened aggression and elation constantly ebb and flow throughout the course of a game (and a season). By putting these contorted, semi photographic faces through the expressive filter of the woodcutting process and displaying them in a judicial framework, I hope to confront the viewer with the very essence of humanity. This also made me think in terms of identity, or the pack mentality of the crowd, where a sense of belonging and freedom to express extreme emotion is accepted as part of the mass.

Identity Crisis I-VI were created with this in mind. The use of a fingerprint as a symbol for identity and the faces as a symbol for individuality remind us of the duality of Man, whilst enhancing the extreme expressions.

Selected Identity Crisis prints were exhibited at this year’s Bite: Artists Making Print exhibition at the Mall Galleries and also at the Pushing Print Festival in Margate, where they were awarded the East London Printmaker’s Prize.”

Euan G. Stewart, November 2012

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Lucia Sapienza

Lucia Sapienza is art curator for the Catania Archive of artist’s books. In 2006, she obtained a degree in Graphic Arts, and was appointed Assistant Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania. In 2010 has obtained an MBA from the University of Rome Tor Vergata for text analysis. A versatile artist, she uses various mediums ranging from engraving and photography to installations.

Ree Braithwaite

I am a multi-disciplinary Printmaker/Artist and my work is colourful or detailed. I have started to show my work again, which has received a positive response.

I cannot resist sketching my surroundings, which change constantly because I am an inclusive, cultured person with lots to experience and create.


Group Exhibitions

  • International Print Exchange 2012 @ Derby Arboretum, Derbyshire 2012
  • Survival of the Fittest – Art Catcher @ Lea Valley, Water Works, Nature Reserve, London 20 July – October 2012
  • East London Printmakers, Turn the Page @ The Forum, Norwich May 4 – 5 2012
  • Spring – Art Catcher Exhibition @ Smokehouse Gallery, London from 5 April – 6 May 2012
  • The International Postcard Show 2012 @ Surface Gallery, Nottingham from 25 January – 11 February 2012
  • Westminster Arts Exhibition @ the SW1 Gallery from the 5 -18 November 2011.

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Alison Bernal

Alison Bernal studied at Middlesex Polytechnic, Goldsmiths College and latterly at Morley College and lives and works in East London.

Printmaking has been a major part of her artistic practice for tfifteen years and her work is mainly concerned with the exploration of tonal values. Most of her uses intaglio techniques but she has also worked with lithography, relief, emboss and monoprint techniques. Recent work has been about cloud formations and developed in both intaglio and emboss techniques.

Recent Shows


  • May – Inspired By.., V and A Museum
  • November – Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall
  • June – Cadaques Mini Print, Spain
  • Sept – Printmakers Council Mini Print


  • March – Originals ’10 , Mall Galleries
  • March – Greenwich Printmakers at The Morley Gallery
  • October – Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
  • November – 16 Printmakers, Morley Gallery


  • February – Second Edition, National Theatre
  • April – Bristol Artists book Fair, Arnolfini
  • May – Rootstein Hopkins Drawing Exhibition
  • August – Bite, Mall Galleries
  • September – The Temple, Wanstead
  • November – PMC at the Highgate Gallery


East London Printmakers;
Printmakers Council;


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