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Lidija Antanasijevic

A Serbian born artist Lidija Antanasijevic works in domain of experimental printmaking in both 2D and 3D by using traditional and modern methods. Originally trained in printmaking at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where she obtained both her BA (1988) and MA (1991), Lidija has continued to explore the medium technically, conceptually and formally, developing prints as sculptures and installations. She explores raw emotion and inner energy seeking to give form to senses and experiences. The subject is personal experience, a series of visual memoirs of a cross cultural migrant, brought up and living through the geo-political conditions of the era.

Lidija moved to London in 1991, soon after her first solo show at the Gallery Graficki Kolektiv (critically acclaimed) in Belgrade. Since then she has been widely exhibiting her work both nationally and internationally. Last year she had two major solo projects, one in Belgrade, again at the Gallery Graficki Kolektiv as a part of its 60th anniversary, and at the Western Gallery of Xi’An Academy of Fine Arts in China. She is Laureate of the Great Seal for Printmaking in Serbia, a national recognition for the prominent contribution in the field.