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Susan Short

Susan Short is a London based artist, best known for her dramatic woodcut images of urban architecture and city life. The organic rhythm of the woodgrain offers a contrast with the geometric lines of the man made structures.

Studied at Wimbledon School of Art: MA Fine Art: Print
Works have been selected for the Royal Academy Summer exhibitions.
Exhibits regularly at Southbank Printmakers Gallery, Gabriels Wharf, Upper Ground, London SE1 9PP

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Lidija Antanasijevic

A Serbian born artist Lidija Antanasijevic works in domain of experimental printmaking in both 2D and 3D by using traditional and modern methods. Originally trained in printmaking at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where she obtained both her BA (1988) and MA (1991), Lidija has continued to explore the medium technically, conceptually and formally, developing prints as sculptures and installations. She explores raw emotion and inner energy seeking to give form to senses and experiences. The subject is personal experience, a series of visual memoirs of a cross cultural migrant, brought up and living through the geo-political conditions of the era.

Lidija moved to London in 1991, soon after her first solo show at the Gallery Graficki Kolektiv (critically acclaimed) in Belgrade. Since then she has been widely exhibiting her work both nationally and internationally. Last year she had two major solo projects, one in Belgrade, again at the Gallery Graficki Kolektiv as a part of its 60th anniversary, and at the Western Gallery of Xi’An Academy of Fine Arts in China. She is Laureate of the Great Seal for Printmaking in Serbia, a national recognition for the prominent contribution in the field.



I have been working in lino for the last six years.

I like the work of many historical artists and printmakers, they include:

Kathe Kollwitz, a master draughtswoman and campaigner for social consciousness and human verities.

Leopoldo Mendez, for his revolutionary art, social agitator and oratory in his print making.

Claire Leighton, for her style and technique in print making.

The Grosvenor School, for their futuristic abstract concepts and cutting edge styles in print making.

I also like contemporary artists’ Swoon for her urban [art] wheat paste prints and paper cut-outs and Mode 2, for his draughtsmanship, style and concepts.

My inspirations are formulated from literature and ‘things’ from our everyday world.

Education and Training

Foundation Art and Design, OND, Richmond-Upon-Thames-College, Twickenham, 1980;
General Illustration and Design, HND, Richmond-Upon-Thames-College, Twickenham, 1983;
Graphics and Computers, B/Tec, WAES, London, 1996;
Access to teacher training, TRAC, Uxbridge College, Middlesex, 2003;
Art in the Community, BA [Hons], Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, 2004;
PGCE Secondary Art KS 3, 4&5, University of Hertfordshire, Herts, 2006.


[email protected]
Instagram: #locksbprintmaking

Jairo Zaldua & Nicoela Green


Jairo and Nicola create imagery together through the mediums of print and three-dimensional art. Combining the appearance of the sculptural and the two-dimensional surface of the printed image. Observing the archaic qualities of neglected posters and derelict buildings where a sense of age and history has left its mark, they have assembled an ongoing exploration into themes that include old propaganda and billboard posters, typography, symbolism and German expressionist cinema. As old posters decay and the original meanings become irrelevant, they transfigure into something more suggestive. With the use of a blowtorch, acrylics, screenprinting and digital facilities, Jairo and Nicola seek to push this process further. From found objects (wood, scrap metal and old victorian doors) to site specific installation and interactive performance, they have embarked on work where layers reveal layers and a sense of age, time and texture are clearly present.

Jairo specialized in Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Hertfordshire and Nicola studied Ceramic Art at the Roehampton Institute.


Janet Wilson


Janet Wilson lives and works in London. She is a member of East London Printmakers and the Printmakers Council and makes work based on the landscape. The prints are collagraphs, etchings, monoprints and lithographs which aim to evoke both a sense of place and the sublime character of the natural world. Inspiration comes from the movement of weather and tides, in mapping, aerial views and examination of scale – from the great to the microscopic.


MA Printmaking, 2002-2004, Camberwell College of Art

BA Fine Art, 1993-1996, 2000-2002, Middlesex University

Art Foundation, 1992-1993, Guildhall University

Associate, Chartered Institute of Secretaries & Administrators (ACIS), 1968-1971, Anglia Ruskin University



  • ELP Summer Exhibition, Embassy Tea Gallery, London SE1
  • Mayday!, group exhibition at ArtHub Gallery, London SE8


  • Going Underground, ELP exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall, London EC1


  • Printathon, ELP exhibition at Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, London E3
  • Survival of the Fittest, Artcatcher exhibition at Waterworks Nature Reserve, London E10


  • 13

    , ELP annual exhibition at Triangle Gallery, Space, London E8

  • Dreams,

    ELP group exhibition at the Freud Museum, London

  • Untitled

    , Printmakers Council group exhibition at Vyner Street Gallery, London E2


  • Wonderland

    , ELP group exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood, London E2

  • ELP in Space

    , annual exhibition at Triangle Gallery, Space, London E8

  • Printmakers Council group exhibitions at Galerie Apart, Marcilhac-sur-Cele, France and Galerie Malva, Dorswehlen, Germany
  • Box 2010

    , ELP group exhibition at 242 Gallery, London E2

Catherine Walsh


Catherine Walsh makes screenprints which unite elements of nature, yoga or meditation and the body with rhythmic designs, floating on brightly-coloured textiles.


Catherine Walsh learned printmaking at the City Lit college and has been a member of East London Printmakers since 2003. She graduated with an MA in Art and Design in Education from the University of London in 2002.